What are the advantages of Python programming language?

What are the advantages of Python programming language?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. And this is an argument in favor of learning it for everyone who plans to try himself in the field of high technology. Python is extremely versatile: you can write an algorithmic trading robot, create a multi-page website or engage in the popular science of data.

The widespread belief that the programming profession is one of the most free and future-oriented is true and corresponds to the direction in which the world is moving. There are more and more vending machines, and household appliances such as cell phones, vacuum cleaners, or washing machines are equipped with artificial intelligence. It is programmers who create the work of the devices around us and bring a new quality to the market.

An impressive story

When Guido van Rossum developed Python as an auxiliary tool for his work in the 1990s, no one thought that it would become almost the most popular programming language in the world. Its popularity is due to its relatively simple functionality (which allows more people to start programming!) as well as its wide application. Python integrates perfectly with C / C ++, has a large set of tools for statistics, computational science and mathematics – we are talking about libraries NumPy, Pandas, SciPy or Scikit-Learn. As a result, Python dominates the sector of machine learning and deep learning.

What are the advantages of Python programming language?

Three arguments in Python’s favor

We recommend you to sign up for the Python intensive program right now. Powerful motivation – you can receive training absolutely free. And if you are serious – there are more powerful arguments:

Many newcomers want to find a highly paid job. Python is ideal in this respect, because the language is easy to learn and intuitive. In addition, you can use so-called integrated development environments, for example with PyCharm. This solution is very convenient, thanks to the capabilities of an intelligent code editor and autofill.

Demand for programmers who know Python is growing year by year. This means that after the programming course there will be no problem to find a job. Starting with a free intensive course, you develop your professional skills, gain experience, and most importantly – understanding the segment. It is worth adding that people who can program on Python are often hired under a B2B or employment contract. The ability to work remotely is also a big advantage.

Of course, Python programmers have the highest salaries in the United States, but specialists in other countries also do not complain. Salaries are high, and they are actually rising all the time, and your growing experience will also allow you to review your salaries more regularly.

Another great advantage of the language is its very active community and support. It’s easy to find enough Python libraries and environments, whether we’re working on corporate applications or an AI project.

According to GitHub, which evaluated how often programmers use certain languages, Python has risen to 2nd place, ahead of Java, PHP or C++.

Who uses Python?

If not all – a lot! Google, Yahoo, Nokia and IBM use Python in their millions of dollars applications and projects. Microsoft and Apple keep their operating systems and platforms running. NASA has been using Python in their applications for many years.

What are the advantages of Python programming language?

What can you do when you learn Python?

Python can be used to create websites, desktop applications that run on users’ computers, including games. In any area, you can implement network applications or scripts, for example, to generate reports.

Creating dynamic products is made easier and more efficient by great frameworks such as Django or Pylons. Python has found application in efficient and fast creation of modern websites with complex functions.

With Python, you can easily use APIs / services of projects such as Twitter, Facebook or Google (Maps, Documents and others through GData). For example, the PyFacebook library allows you to easily create applications for this social network.

Desktop applications running on key operating systems (MS Windows, OS X, Linux) can also be easily written in Python using such libraries as PyQt4, PyGTK, wxPython or built-in tk library. With the help of the py2exe application you can create ready-made applications (exe) for MS Windows systems and using py2app you can create products for OS X.

All this is the real future of those who will sign up for a free intensive program. As part of a comfortable and free course on the portal GeekBrains (Mail.ru Group), someone will understand that this is an activity of his life, will continue to learn and become a successful programmer. The other one will understand that this is “not his”. But most importantly, you will know what Python is and whether you need it!

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