Windows XP source code was leaked to Internet

Windows XP source code was leaked to Internet

Despite the fact that support for Windows XP ended 6 years ago, so far this operating system is used on a large number of both home computers and industrial equipment. But after today’s release of Windows XP source code, many users, both private and corporate, will think hard about continuing to use it.

According to the source, the OS source code was published in the American forum 4chan, and later it was placed on the cloud service Mega. Independent experts have already managed to analyze the code and confirmed the authenticity of the data, but Microsoft has not yet commented on this data. The 4chan branch with the leak was active for about four hours, after which it was sent to the archive.

Hackers and developers can dispose of the source code of Windows XP in different ways. Some may start searching for new security holes (and for sure, they will find them), while others may introduce modern hardware support into the old OS. It all depends on the goals and aspirations of the individual person.

Windows XP source code was leaked to Internet

Judging by the screenshot above, the leak contains not only the source code of Windows XP, but also other Microsoft operating systems. Among them:

  • MS DOS 3.30;
  • MS DOS 6.0;
  • Windows 2000;
  • Windows CE 3;
  • Windows CE 4;
  • Windows CE 5;
  • Windows Embedded 7;
  • Windows Embedded CE;
  • Windows NT 3.5;
  • Windows NT 4.

Windows Serer 2003 is also mentioned in the leak. Interestingly, it is rumored that Windows XP source code is not new in the hacker environment for a long time, but it was first publicly leaked.

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