From the next year, users of old Android smartphones can’t be able to open sites

From the next year, users of old Android smartphones can’t be able to open sites

If your Android smartphone has not received updates from 2016 – get ready to change it: from September 2021 such devices will stop opening many sites, because the expiration of the necessary for their normal work certificate.

What kind of certificate is this?

Sites that use the HTTPS protocol to encrypt traffic give access to the device only if the necessary certificate is present. If it does not exist, the access to the site is denied.

Let’s Encrypt Company together with IdenTrust in 2015 introduced a cross-signature for certification of sites with encryption, but the joint certificate expires in September next year, and companies do not plan to renew it.

What does it mean?

Devices running Android 7.1.0 and below do not trust their own certificate Let’s Encrypt, so visit sites with its use will not be able to. In versions of the OS newer already provides its support.

It may seem that the Android 7.1.0 is a very old system, supported and used devices on it already a little. But it is not: according to the data for September of this year, running Android 7.1.0 and below work 33.8% of all active Android devices. This is a lot!

Are there any ways around?

The easiest, but the most expensive option is to buy a new smartphone. The second is to use a mobile browser Firefox, where there is native support for certificates Let’s Encrypt. And the most brave option, which most likely will not lead to anything – to wait for an update from the manufacturer.

UPD: as the reader told us, the certificate can be simply downloaded and installed on the device, you don’t even need to look for the right item in the settings – just open the certificate after downloading it. You can find the necessary certificate at Let’s EncryptLet’s Encrypt site.

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