Which Sony Xperia smartphones will get Android 11?

Which Sony Xperia smartphones will get Android 11?

After Google has released a stable version of the operating system Android 11 for their smartphones Pixel, other manufacturers of phones and gadgets also released a preview of Android 11 for their devices. Sony is not one of them yet. In the meantime, it became known, what smartphones Sony can hope to update the Android 11. This was reported by Chinese sources.

So, smartphones already approved for the update of the Android 11 such:

  • Xperia 5 II;
  • Xperia Pro 5G;
  • Xperia 1 II;
  • Xperia 1 (including Professional Edition);
  • Xperia 5;
  • Xperia 10 II;
  • Xperia 10 Plus and Xperia 10.

The fate of Xperia 8, Xperia 8 Lite, Xperia Ace and Xperia L4 models has yet to be decided. Sony can both decline the update and release it.

In the lists there are two suspicious points, because of which it is worth to treat the information from Chinese sources with a share of skepticism. First, the list shows the model Xperia 5 II not yet presented. It would be strange to release a flagship based on the Android 10, when already ready a stable Android 11. Secondly, Sony’s doubts about the Xperia L4 are surprising, because the model has not received even Android 10.

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