What applications and games are better to program: for Android or iOS?

What applications and games are better to program: for Android or iOS?

Today Android and iOS are the monopolists of the market of mobile games and applications, their share is 70.43% and 29.06% respectively. The rest of the operations do not seem to be quite dead, but at best take some 0.16% of the market. Through the WAP, no one application is shaking. The world is ruled by AppStore and Google Play – application stores, thanks to which we have a multi-billion dollar mobile development industry.

Well, and once the mobile OS two, then before any novice developer faces a dilemma: iOS or Android? Or maybe all at once? Let’s compare both directions on all criteria, which only we can come up with!

What, in fact, the mobile development is different from the web?

If the web has a division of specializations on the fronts and backs, there is no such thing. The mobile developer should understand the Google/Apple interface guides and be able to configure the server part.

This, on the one hand, is more complicated: you have to remember and take into account more in your work. On the other hand it’s also cool: you become a universal programmer who can release a finished product on his own. You want to make your “TikTok killer” (don’t do that, please) and you will have all the knowledge you need.

What applications and games are better to program: for Android or iOS?

The Guide to Material Design for Android-developers shows how the interface of the mobile application on this OS should behave.

Let’s find out all about the money at once (you are interested, confess!). And then tell about the differences between the two developments and technologies, which are needed to the programmer of iOS and Android.

iOS vs Android: the demand for specialists

In general, there is almost no difference – any specialists are in demand, and the demand for beginners is very high. The developers of mobile applications today is one of the most highly paid professions in IT. An experienced developer can get more than $ 100,000 per year. For juniors also have a job – young professionals are ready to pay good money.

The difference is almost no. What’s more important: about ¾ of the job market are newcomers and middles, so the career of a mobile developer can be started without problems and it is just as easy to advance to the next level. But this is on the condition that you will develop and not free of charge.

What applications and games are better to program: for Android or iOS?

Recipe for Bashki’s career from Silicon Valley: get an indefinite contract and do nothing. Don’t do it like that.

With the money sorted out, and is there any difference between mobile development under iOS and under Android?

  1. The key differences between iOS- and Android-developments;
  2. The most important thing is technologies, they are quite different. You will not be able to quickly jump from iOS-development in Android or vice versa.

What applications and games are better to program: for Android or iOS?

Swift and Kotlin are the languages that these operating systems have declared the main ones. They allow applications to access all device resources and other specific things. For example, the owner’s biometric data or gyroscope. Therefore, we recommend to focus on these languages – their support “Epplom” and “Google” is not going anywhere.

On Objective-C and Java applications for operations of iOS and Android were originally written, so it was historically :-). These languages are universal – you can write on them not only mobile applications.

In addition to the fact that the stacks of technologies are different, there are also such important points:

  1. For development under iOS you need a Mac. It is possible to emulate, but only to learn: it will not be possible to put such an application in the AppStore. Under Android you can program on any device;
  2. iOS dominates in the USA. If you plan to move or work for a company that makes applications for the American market, choose iOS;
  3. Under Android more work on optimization. While only Apple devices work on iOS, the Google operation is used in a huge number of devices. All have different screens, resolutions and iron. So you will have to test more and often remake the application;
  4. Android is OpenSource. If something is not clear in the documentation, you can always climb directly into the code and see what is there and how. And the iOS is a more closed system;
  5. Android-comunity is greater. You can find fifty solutions to the same network problem, described in your native language. Although in recent years, the iOS community has also grown, so it should not greatly affect your choice.

Apart from the differences, of course, there are also things that intersect. Here is a list of everything to learn anyway:

  • OOP;
  • the design principles of mobile applications (UX/UI);
  • Figma is an online editor for creating interfaces;
  • the work of network protocols;
  • SQL;
  • Flutter is a popular open source SDK, used for development under both operating systems;
  • Git.

What applications and games are better to program: for Android or iOS?

So, as we see it, we have a combat tie. Both operating systems are popular and in demand, but Android a little bit more. Yes, and smartphones with this OS is released in times more. So with a small advantage of the winner of our duel will be considered Google Android.

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