What videocards was installed in PS4?

What videocards was installed in PS4?

The outgoing generation of consoles can hardly cope with modern games even in FullHD. Most, when they learn that the consoles briefly dynamically reduce the resolution of the picture in games – hayut developers. But only such methods retain the playability of modern projects on the iron in 2012.

The exact official characteristics of the standard PS4 looked like this:

  • 8-core AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 CPU;
  • 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon GPU;
  • 8 GB RAM GDDR5;
  • 500 GB HDD;
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wireless and Bluetooth 2.1;
  • USB 3.0 + Ethernet 10/100/1000.

And if everything is clear with the processor, it’s the analogue of the FX 8000 series, and most likely it’s an optimized FX 8300 with reduced consumption. Even by 2020 standards, the processor is quite good. But with the graphics card, the question is a bit more interesting…

What videocards was installed in PS4?

Recall that all recent generations of consoles are designed with a single chip layout of the CPU and GPU. The graphics card claims 1.84 TFlops of performance. And these figures exactly match the AMD R7 265 graphics card, which has the following features:

  • Graphics processor frequency – 900 MHz;
  • Video memory capacity – 2048 MB;
  • Video memory type – GDDR5;
  • Video memory frequency – 5600 MHz;
  • The capacity of the video memory bus is 256 bits.

Asus in the version of Direct CU II was released as a version for AMD – R7 265, and for Nvidia – GTX 660 OC.

The video card appeared on the market in February 2014, immediately after the release of PlayStation 4 in late November 2013. If you are interested in the analogue from Nvidia, this is the GTX 660 2GB model, and it is a bit more powerful than the AMD version by 3-5%…

All this story is strongly reminiscent of 2020, the year of new generations. The middle segment of the new generation RDNA2 from AMD has not yet been introduced, but PS5 is officially released at the end of November.

And already today some can play on the analogue of 2021. Perhaps this video card will be called in retail RX 6600XT. But seems it be no good decision because its value is assumed to be around 70-80% of the cost of PS5/Xbox.

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