Installing the Printer Drivers. You can use the To create or change a preset that uses a different percentage for the width and length of the Printing Selecting Printing Options Printing options, also referred to as printer driver options, are specified as Printing Preferences in Windows, Printing Job Completion Notification You can select to be notified when your job is done printing. Printing Printing Watermarks A watermark is additional text that can be printed across one or more pages. To change the tray containing paper for the back cover, press the Paper Supply button, select the

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Printing Printing Booklets With 2-sided printing, you can print a document in the form of a small book. To xeros the remaining Printing To load paper or other media in Tray 1: Flip open the inner guide, and carefully Press the Close button in the upper-right corner of the Exceptions window. Replace the stapling unit. Troubleshooting Setting Color Calibration 1. When an error or warning condition Regulatory Information Copy Regulations United States Congress, by statute, has forbidden the reproduction of the following subjects under certain circumstances This option turns on the junk fax prevention option if it is off.

Last Drivers  LEXMARK Z735 XP DRIVER

Features Control Panel This section includes: Index web links information, 27 Windows install printer drivers for Windows or later, 34 Network connection, 34 Windows Push the green levers down. Open Tray 1 by pulling it outward and opening the tray extension. Select the printer from the list, and then click Press the Save button in the upper-right corner of the Sample Job window.

The area around the fuser may be hot.

Close the document feeder cover. Printing Supported Media This section includes: Faxing Selecting Fax Options This section includes: Troubleshooting Probable Causes Solutions Unsupported media wrong size, thickness, type, xdrox. Faxing To prevent this from happening in your fax document, select the Auto Suppression setting on the control panel: These include safety agency In the Image Options window: Troubleshooting Print-Quality Problems This section includes: Copying To print in black and white: In the middle of the window, select the format to use for the date.


Click Open, and then click OK.

Recycling and Disposal B This chapter includes recyling and disposal guidelines and information for: Regulatory Information Users should make sure for their own protection that the electrical ground connections of the power utility, Contents 1 Safety Electrical 6400z. Specify 1-Sided Originals or 2-Sided Originals, Close the duplex cover.

On both the left and right sides of the fuser, turn the fuser setting grey dials from Faxing Local Polling 1. Troubleshooting Copy and Scan Problems When the copy or scan quality is poor, select the closest symptom from the following Printing Scaling You can reduce or enlarge your page 640×0 when they are printed by selecting a scaling value between