This makes it an ideal tool for business presentations, family use or to add pictures or short movies to e-mail, web pages and graphics design applications. Nikon Coolpix review Aug 23, Why Flickr’s new 1, photo limit for free users is a smart move. Camera Modes and Menus Play Mode Accessed by turning the mode dial to the Play position, this mode allows you to play back captured images and movies along with their accompanying sounds. Test Results In keeping with our standard policy, our comments here are rather condensed, summarizing our key findings: This item doesn’t belong on this page.

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Why Flickr’s new 1, photo limit for free users is a smart move. Fotolia is shuttering its website next year following complete integration with Adobe Stock. Improved interpolation technology delivers cleaner digital zooming with less distortion than other cameras when using dsc–f505 zoom. The slightly shorter time using prefocus is likely because the prefocus operation takes care of the automatic white balance function as well.

Soft case, add’l batteries, accessory lenses, 8, 16, 32, 64 meg Memory Sticks strongly recommend purchase of at least one larger memory card! Pictures are good, too!

We’ve had a personal bias toward dsf-f505 designs ever since we first saw them ‘lo these many years ago. Still Mode Accessed by turning the mode dial to the Still position, this mode allows you to capture still images.

NASA has shared the first 8K footage filmed from outer space.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F505

Also, while the user interface was very easy to understand, we found some of the menu navigation more laborious than we’d have liked, requiring multiple control actuations to navigate to the desired setting. Filmmaker Jimmy Chin has worked all over the world, in some of the most remote places on earth. That is, it can operate normally transmissivewith the backlight panel providing the illumination you view the image with. You can also use the television set as an enlarged version of the LCD monitor when composing images, helpful when trying to manually focus macro shots, or in a studio environment where you may need to get out from behind the camera to work with the subject Power The battery power system is one of the real highlights ddc-f505 the DSC-F in our opinion: To record an actual movie with sound, simply switch the mode dial to the Movie option.

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Of course, the macro capability can be easily extended by adding accessory lenses using the 52mm filter threads on the front of the lens Simply use an off-white target to set the One-Push white balance setting, and the subsequent shots will have a sojy cast opposite to that of the target.

Power Switch Located on top the camera, directly behind the microphone, this switch turns the camera on and off.

Sony suggests using the Auto setting when shooting under fluorescent lighting as opposed to the Indoor setting, for more accurate results. Or, Return to the Imaging Resource home page. The spny on the DSC-F appears to be color-balanced to tungsten incandescent lighting, as evidenced both by the yellowish filter that covers the flash window, and by the results we obtained in our own tests.

Sony DSC-F505 Review

Perhaps what Sony means is that the internal structural body is made of magnesium alloy, although the outer “shell” is plastic. More about gear in this article. That’s a speaker on the left for playback of your voice memo notes.


Do you have a F camera? Not measured, but our impression is that there’s more distortion than we saw in the viewfinder test, shot at greater distances.

Note that xsc-f505 DSC-F differs from most digicams in that it ssony tell you what the remaining image capacity is.

As it turns out, the same focus indicator used in manual focus mode also appears while using autofocus, and is quite handy for determining whether or not the camera has achieved a good “lock” on the focus.

Dsv-f505 5X optical and 10X precision digital zoom with macro focus and a manual focus ring delivers a sharper, clearer picture when zooming-in.

Sony DSC-F Review: Digital Photography Review

The remaining controls live on the top of the camera, and include a mode dial, power switch, zoom lever and microphone. Nonetheless, we were able to collect the following limited set of measurements: Luminar gets new AI Sky Enhancer tool for creating dramatic skies.

It’s bad enough the argument goes that we have to contend with the completely incompatible SmartMedia and CompactFlash standards, why must Sony introduce yet another format into the fray? When manual focus is used, the lag time drops to 0.

First, Lithium cells don’t self-discharge the way NiMH batteries do. But you really won’t mind that, after all it’s one, if not the most important component in a digicam.