Detail at is impressive. The advantage, for a reviewer, is being able to focus on the hardware. Primary color filter Multi-sample scanning: Should I ever make it back to Montana, I will redo this paragraph with numbers off the actual test slide. When Konica Minolta went back to the drawing board, they went outside the box to engineer a remarkable scanner. As with any USB peripheral, you should install the software before installing the hardware. But since our Tiger box does not have USB 2.

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Ready for Your Close-Up?: The glass reflects the scanner light. Mino,ta II gets more and better image information out of both highlights and shadows, providing much more effective adjustment of local contrast.

Minolta Dimage Scan Elite – film scanner (35 mm) – desktop – USB Overview – CNET

Their XA model has a very similar design. Then you select one of the four supported film types It doesn’t do dimagee good a job with slides though due to requiring a higher dmax for dense slides noisier.

You must log in 54000 sign up to reply here. The Scanner, Epson Initially I chose to adjust, color correct, and edit these raw files using Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 3. The trick to loading a film holder is to remember that down is up, up is down, right reading is upside down. You can get the job done, but you have to work at it.


Scanner Review: Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite II

It corrects image characteristics of people, nightscapes, trees and skies. Do Your Portraits Look Flat? They are also processor intensive – you won’t want to use the attached computer during cycles – and quickly eat up storage space. Also included is a USB cable, 5400 AC adapter for power and a reset tool so you won’t have to unbend a paper clip to close the scanner door.

Is it a big difference between Minolta Dimage Elite II and Elite 5400 scanners?

Two CDs are along for the ride. All this practicality comes at a price, however: What Are the 3 Best Lenses for Boudoir You can also contact the minotla at Darlington Ave. But our enthusiasm was tempered when we learned the included software could not actually calibrate the scanner.

The Nikon was rated by the manufacture to scan at PPI. We have been less thrilled with the main Scan utility, but the problem is the interface rather than the functionality.

Working with the II was a pleasure. Show less Show more. The scans, at least with my copy of the FS, are incredibly sharp. When I got to scanning black and white and Kodachrome with Digital ICE turned off to di,age high-bit files, each scan was done very quickly. Unfortunately, with all the years of dlmage, it’s become a flaky unit where it seems like it wants a longer and longer wake up period.


I’m planing to buy a scanner for 35mm film.

And second, it’s faster than the Optical Density is 4. So if you don’t have the option of using FIrewire, you’re going to get fairly slow scan performance on the Elite II compared to the later models. The II Film Holders Negatives below and slides in the opened holder They are not identical to the ‘s holders, though. Connect the power adapter to the scanner, plug it in, cable the scanner to your computer avoiding any USB hubs and, with your computer running, turn on the scanner’s power switch.

Should I ever make it back to Montana, I will redo this paragraph with numbers off the actual test slide. The scanner is an Epson V