Easy, flexible Web-sharing capability. You may need a jumper to make the drive be slave, but if you can do this you have some dead drives laying around already. Performance – Competitive comparison. Anyone can access anything in what the software calls the Family Library; users also have individual MyLibrary areas. LaCie shouldn’t confuse the issue in this way during the install, and it should have gone to the trouble of putting the entire install on a single disc, leaving out the unnecessary components. You’ll also see an option for installing LaCie’s 1-Click Backup freeware, because the company sells this device in a configuration without Axentra HipServ software. Connect to a drive with FTP.

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It may be more information than a normal user would want to see, but for me it confirmed the inner workings of the box, which I’ll describe later. The ATA connectors are quite tight, pry gently.

Review: LaCie Ethernet Disk mini

Performance – Competitive comparison. Performance – NAS mode Page 6: Setup Sorrows This was definitely the low point of lavie testing experience. Since I was using my XP laptop, I used the EDmini name, connected to the device with my web browser, and was greeted with a configuration screen.

If you were really etherne with the warranty seal you can replace it. For example, although I could set the time, there was no option for setting the address of an NTP server that would make sure the time stayed correct.


Oh, and mark the front and top of the case, it is important when reassembling. In this screen, enter an email address. We review products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.

LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini Specs – CNET

And for share lacjethere was only a single, predefined sharewith no option for creating another Figure 2. Nifty heatsink arrangement, no wonder it runs without the fan and still stays cool. This is a process that should kick off automatically, without being told to start.

Eventually, a license agreement screen will appear. Anyone can access anything in what the software calls the Family Library; users also have individual MyLibrary areas.

LaCie Ethernet Disk mini Home Edition

Connect to a drive with FTP. After two screens displaying progress, the installation process is complete. If nothing happens when tehernet is clicked, verify the Product Key and ensure it is correct.

It will still be usable as a network drive under all systems, you just won’t be able to directly plug it into the USB port of a Windows or Macintosh system.

Click Next to continue. Enter the administrator user name created during the setup process. I do it in my init. USB storage does not automatically map to a share. Under the Status menu, which shows the number of current clients, there is a “System Log” button which shows a very detailed log from the mini Figure 3.


Default passwords for network products. While this imni ideal, it at least gives options to users who need support for files over 2 GB. Performance – Competitive comparison Page 8: System Log For multi-platform use, the documentation had sections for Windows, Macintosh and Linux, which is a bonus for users like me who have a heterogeneous network.

Sun debuts Galaxy servers. Home Edition and Internet Space. Ethernet Disk mini Media Server Functionality. Click Finish to go back to the main setup screen. Backing up is a good idea with the HP MediaSmart, too, but at least it runs a RAID-like folder duplication feature that can span data across multiple drives, so if one fails the others still save your precious bits and bytes. Make sharing easier with AddThis for Firefox.