I used it as a regular USB thumb drive a few times to move various files between computers and it worked flawlessly. Given you can pick up a 2GB card from www. You might want different ear buds. I think the tables speak for themselves. Included earphones don’t impress. Then I just hit “play all” and leave it. Skip to main content.

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You can use it while traveling, studying, or exercising since the iRiver X20 music player has an ample battery life. The X20 has totally severed mandatory ties with the horrible iRiver Plus software that’s blighted so many of the firm’s previous players.

iRiver X20 Silver/Black ( 4 GB ) Digital Media Player

I have a large collection of WMA files, so the Apple players were non-starters. Nicely designed click and turn control wheel. There’s something pleasingly complete about this, and using images rather than text means you can use the X20 either horizontally or vertically. The wheel rotates mechanically and is festooned with a neon blue glow on its outer rim — both characteristics of the Sansa e range.

Blue Ella headphones review November 8, Two of the videos even crashed the player! Don’t show this again.

iRiver X20 Silver/Black ( 4 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

Comes without case or armband. The design is pretty basic in a candybar-phone sort of way, really: Features One of the X20’s great strengths is its compatibility with multiple operating systems and user habits.

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There’s just not enough grip between your finger and the wheel and it’s a little imprecise at landing on menu options.

Dust and other debris accumulate between the ring and casing quickly and easily. So close to being perfect. The iRiver X20 music player is capable c20 managing up to 1, titles, which means you are able to move all your favorite tunes and playlists onto it. A browser view to go along with playlists, etc.

Clear x movies, which you can create with the supplied converter software. Despite the mechanical scroll wheel taking a bit of getting used to, iruver size and quality of the screen makes this an adorable little MP3 player.

It’s included as an option, but this is a Plays For Sure device, so you can stick with the clunky but simple Windows Media Player to manage your music instead.

That means you’ll have one copy in your main library and one in your playlist. I also like the FM radio.

She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. The iRiver X20 music player makes it easy for you to hook up to a laptop and upload your media files thanks to its USB 2. The Bad Mechanical scroll wheel; a little clunky to hold; below average headphones; two copies of song created when iiriver playlists.


Apple iPod Classic gb 7th Gen Black I like feeling my phone can be dropped and be fine. Gadgets Gadgets See all.

Review: iriver X20 – Pocketables

All menu icons are located on a single screen and are positioned like the numbers on a clock face. The screen is of a great size though, and more than justifies the ever-so-slightly awkward controls.

FM, line-in, and voice recorder Iriver really went all out when equipping the X20 with recording capabilities. It’s equal parts helpful and dynamic.

iRiver X20 Silver/Black ( 8 GB ) Digital Media Player

The user-replaceable battery pops out easily, which should please anyone who attempted the intricate and warranty-voiding operation of trying to extract inbuilt power cells. Your music collection is sorted in a variety of ways: The X20 has been designed to be held horizontally, with its 2.

It sounds like a lot of cons, but I get around them by only keeping songs on it that I really like.

The back of the X20 has a battery cover that can be removed just like that of a mobile phone.