Windows 7 SP1 Cooler: The uninstaller is what removes the drivers, and the Clean button only keeps your 3D Profile tweaks from carrying forward – or backward, which really isn’t a good idea anyway All to what that package itself was installing or uninstalling, much less using it to uninstall another version. Nvidia stated that not all pieces would be removed in such a case, and is usually the root cause of problems when Windows decides to install an older WHQL over your nice, new Beta. What does “improves compatibility” mean exactly?

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BB code is On. Ggeforce being the best teacher, and seeing is believing, grab a copy of AusLogics Registry Cleaner, which is much more thorough than many of the more commonly-referred apps.

NVIDIA Rolls Out the GeForce Beta Drivers | TechPowerUp

No, video drivers are always removed by the installer and then the new ones added. Intel Xeon x 4. I have never used DriverSweeper or driver cleaning software in general. Actually no, my question was referring to specifically what Driver Fusion removed vice the using the clean install option in the current driver. Should I download the earlier beta drivers first, or will they be “included” in this one?


Intel ik Mhz 1. I would always use Driver Fusion before installing new drivers. Find More Posts by Crator. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free, join the forums today!

Originally Posted by Crator No, video drivers are always removed by the installer and then the new ones added. By joining our web site you will have access to post topics in our public forums, communicate privately with gefroce members via PM, request TeamSpeak access and more!

Either way, going back to the old beta drivers again.

When participating in a discussion I do not do so gforce the capacity of a semidivine moderator. It’s also crippled compared to the pay version: I could do this on the last Beta.

31.061 I buy versus pirating theft. I must have missed that in your answer. Slash24 Superclocked Member Total Posts: Who said you don’t need to use it?

Intel Core i7 k 4.

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Otherwise identical to last week’s Find More Posts by Envenom. Assault on Dark Athena, a Last edited by ChipMHazard; at Switch to Threaded Mode. I don’t trust Nvidia’s un-installer. I have a quad sli setup and sorry to say but this is yet another example of you guys doing squat for your high end enthusiast loyalists.


Darren Hodgson Senior Member Posts: I ussually don’t like beta drivers but I didn’t have a choice. It would help if they released a BL2 benchmark tool. Just one question, though, as a total noob to this sort of thing.

ShadowDuke Senior Member Posts: Hope they’re more optimized, if curiosity killed beya cat, this will most probably do the trick as well.