To reinstall your programs, follow the instructions in “Reinstalling programs” on page The next time you turn on your convertible tablet PC, it reads the memory information from the hard drive and opens the programs and documents that were open when you activated Hibernate mode. Position the pointer over the object. Need a couple more?. This slot accepts one Type II card. Disconnect all peripheral devices and remove any PC Cards.

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See “Replacing the battery” on page for more information about using an additional battery in your convertible tablet PC.

For example, pressing Fl may open help. Replacing the hard drive kit If you would like more hard drive capacity, you can replace your original drive with a higher-capacity drive.

Because of this increased capacity, full-length movies, several albums of music, or several gigabytes of data can fit on a single disc.

The bezel should be flat all the way across. Your convertibletablet PC is cooled by air circulated through the vents on the case, so keep the vents free of dust.

no pen works on Gateway M275

Windows suppliesa variety of screen savers that you can choose from, and many more are availablefrom the Internet and as commercial products. Use of mobile phones can interfere with the sound system.

By the time I get to the OK, something inside my computer takes the white arrow everywhere else. Ralph, Oct 5, To browse for a file: If the color in your images seems “false” or “jumpy,” especially after you gatewya played a game or run a video-intensive program, check the color depth setting and return gzteway to bit True Color, if necessary. The Printers and Faxes window opens. Installing a parallel port printer You can usually install parallel port printers by following these steps.


Using The Pen; Storing And Removing The Pen – Gateway M User Manual [Page 57]

Take a telephone line tester to check for unsafe lines, especially if you are traveling internationally. Page Page – Transferring Internet settings Page – Transferring your e-mail and address boo Screws 7 If you are removing a module, gently press outward on the clip at each end of the prn module until the module tilts upward. To order a different module, contact Gateway. If you are in tablet mode scree covering keyboard try pulling up on the top left and right corners o the screen or put something between the computer and the screen t kind of pry it out while moving around the pen.

They can contain files and other folders.

Using The Pen; Storing And Removing The Pen – Gateway M Notebook User Manual [Page 51]

Be careful not to damage the LCD panel. While in Standby, the power indicator flashes. Other buttons on the taskbar represent programs that are running.

Store extra pens horizontally in a box or drawer. Your convertible tablet PC only accepts 3. You can recover any file in the Recycle Bin as long as the bin has not been emptied.


Searching for files If you are looking for a particular file or folder or a set of files or folders that have characteristics in common, but you do not remember where they are stored on your hard drive, you can use the Search utility to search by: Gateway Technical Support will need this information if you call for assistance.

Hi Chris There’s alot of misinformation that you are putting out there. Getting Started 50 www. Protect your convertible tablet PC, battery, and hard drive from environmental hazards such as dirt, dust, food, liquids, temperature extremes, and overexposure to sunlight.

This key can also be used in combination with other keys to open utilities gatewaj F Search utilityR Run utilityand E Explorer utility. Press it and tap button-tap to open right-click menus when they are available. Save the battery for times when you cannot use a power adapter.

It is usually on a drive inside a folder that may be inside yet another folder, and so on.