Page 80 Verify the Driver settings are correct. You can verify this setup in the C30 Card Printer Properties windows, as shown on the next two pages. Here the Lever is still up. Page 84 Replacement Section. To illustrate this, the card illustration shown in the Image Position box will flip and rotate according to the Portrait, Landscape or Rotate Degrees selection.

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Page 69 Printer is equipped with a Magnetic Encoder Module, ensure that it is seated securely into the Magnetic Module docking station. The default Card Size is CR, as shown below. Using The Flipper Smart Angle Offset Option Enter a positive value to increase the amount of Flipper angular movement from the home position to the smart card loading position.

If incc connections are loose, reattach them.

Fargo Electronics Inc C30 driver free download for windows – Dell Inc. – Vostro

Parts Replacement Section Page – Section fargk Selecting the Defined Area s option Front and Back options Step Procedure Select the Defined Area s option for the Printer Driver to print the resin black K panel for all black found only in a desired and defined area or areas.


If the Motor does turn, continue to Step 8. Page A small array of mechanical switches installed farggo the board that can In-line Package be configured to change Printer operations including providing a Switches variety of self-tests. The Magnetic Encoder verifies while the Stepper reverses the card.

Plug the wall power cable into the AC power adapter. Resolving a Ribbon Break Jam Error All Troubleshooting procedures assume that only factory-authorized supplies are in use in the Printer. Step Procedure Select the About button to access version information for the Diagnostics tool.

The minimum size an area can be is. They both provide step-by-step procedures for upgrading the Firmware on these Printers. To illustrate this, the card illustration shown in the Image Position box will flip and rotate according to the Portrait, Landscape or Rotate Degrees selection.

Description Click on the Test Print button to send a simple self-test print to the Printer.

Fargo Electronics Technical Support Web site: Hold for 2 seconds then release. A set of characters loaded into the Printer memory that can be programmed to print those characters on the card without rasterizing the image. LAN Local Area An array of several computers connected through a series of data Network transfer cables for the sharing of data and peripherals. Using The New Printer Driver version 2.


By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Click the Color Management tab. Printer is out of cards.

Fargo Unveils the Persona® C30 Photo ID System Featuring Simplicity and Convenience

Replace the Headlift Motor. If eleftronics image is noticeable on the used Ribbon, continue to Step 4. The Flipper Table Module Assembly is not functioning. Page 84 Replacement Section.

J-4 Main Board connection and to the Encoder Sensor. Review the following information. Printer can process the file.

IC Integrated Circuit An electronic device that contains many individual circuits interconnected and placed within a discrete package.

An interface standard, established in by the Electronic Industries Association, regarding the connecting of computer peripherals.

Replace the Main Board. See the Using the Diagnostic Utility e. The Ribbon installed does not match the Printer model.