Mon Jan 30, 8: The grid resistor of the power stage needs to be at least K to cope with this. It is perfectly valid to treat the anode curve as a straight line, and to project this line onto our load line in order to find the gain. While the triode mode is as if you took air out of the ball, you have to work harder to bounce the ball and it stops quickly if you stop. The time now is Retrieved 25 May

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Pentode vs. TriodeDifference?

Previous topic Next topic. Right now I want to finish my transistor amp and then belt out several wood projects. While the triode mode is as if you took air out of the ball, you have to work harder to bounce the ball and it stops quickly if you stop.

As of [update] a slightly modified version of the 6P14P was manufactured in Russia for Sovtek. When we come to calculate the gain, we find that the anode characteristic begins to curve as we reach its intersection with the load line. Still, if one transformer in the signal path is detrimental to the most accurate sound then I don’t know why people would want to implement more than one.

EL84 – Wikipedia

I posted earlier what the changes were in the amplifier that I modified to have both pentode and triode mode. A lower-power triode such as a 12AU7 or 12AT7 might be better but I’d want something with a bit more juice. Sat Jan 28, 4: Sat Dec 29, 3: I havent measured exact voltages yet, I computed for the resistor values both for grid 2 of el84 and the RC filter.


Can someone explain to me the difference between pentode vs.

Mon Jan 30, 6: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Ell84 in the triode mode more power is lost across the output tube with less power to the speaker and the speaker is stopped quickly by the action of the tube lower harmonics you hear as less high frequencies.

Tue Jan 31, 2: EL84 pentode as driver. I used the s, because I originally designed most of the amps with 6SL7s and 12SL7s in mind and they have nearly the same characteristics as the Sat Jan 28, 5: This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat Bottom line the greater the primary inductance of the transformer the lower the frequency response so in simple terms a bigger output transformer will give you more bass response.

It is used in the power output stages of audio amplifiers, most commonly now in guitar amplifiersbut originally in radios. It could also make a good LTP splitter because its increased power makes possible the driving of K ohm grid resistors in the power stage. Retrieved from ” https: Originally Posted by kiteman.


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I suspect that it arises from a fundamental misunderstanding of the differences in driving requirements between an audio output stage and an RF transmitter.

I have yet to see a truly high fidelity petode amplifier which benefited from such an arrangement. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The only reason to do this is to run the power stage in class A2. In the long run, I concluded that the SRPP with tubes like a 12AX7 was superior over the single ended versions for driving power tubes.

But in A1 it works fine. The 6V6 is very well behaved in class A2 and, with an appropriate driver, has a very unique sound when over driven.

You have to use triodes for this sort of PI because the plate current has to match the cathode current. I have seen SET amplifier schematics and they always use a semi-powerful tube in the “driver” stage to drive the output triode.

Other equivalent tubes are the and A[4] [5] an extended-ratings version of the tube for industrial applications, E84L long life, professional version with pentove than hours expected lifetime and the directly equivalent 6P14P Cyrillic: