See the supported cards page to find out if your video capture card is supported. Try selecting alower speed if you get either of these problems. Here is some information on the card itself: You could also try running DScaler and see if it works without selecting DShow. Delete any previous copy of DScaler. So you can stop messing around with them.

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Thu Apr 10, 3: Sep 12, Posts: Display posts from previous: By the time the signal is demodulated by the reciever, the consumer RF modulator has by far the most stable sync.


Audio input should be either Tuner for TV or Stereo for console output; you should check pin 1 if it’s there. Try moving to another pulldown method or switching off autodetection.

DScaler now handles basic recording and playback of specifically-formatted AVI files using a compression codec of your choice. These versions are not hardwzre generally and are only supported via the developers mailing list.


What does not work? Where does this point to?

DSCaler settings (and video games)

How can I help? I don’t think you can install the driver manually. See Support for how to get support for DScaler. Even low-end cards can support s-video input and line-in for stereo audio, so make sure to check before you buy some card that only supports composite or mono.

If you want to record video, there are lots of alternatives to choose from, such as: Wed Sep 26, 6: I can only remember observing the Xbox and PS2 exhibiting hardwwre behavior, but I haven’t played my GC in a while so I don’t remember if it happens there.

Sun Oct 02, Now when I install DScaler 1. Some information harddware the Dvd Faq. Fortunately, most cards use the same chips.

Display posts from previous: Sun Oct 02, 6: I wasn’t aware of that, so I should probably merge or change the versioning. DScaler requires hardware overlay to minimize latency, and only one process may use this at a time. DScaler is being developped mainly by people using it as an analog source scaler for hardward projector and they prefer for sure using DScaler from their remote on the sofa rather than from their desk.


DScaler – Frequently Asked Questions

If your capture card or sound hardward doesn’t take in RCA inputs, you can get a very cheap RCA to headphone jack cableor your capture card may already come with one for the line-in. Thanks and sorry for my long post. What is the Crashlog. Other examples of this phenomenon can be seen here ; avs: I use the current BT-drivers from sourceforge. Color, contrast are such parameters. Yes and each has its use. So you can stop messing around with them.

No video quality related fixes have been made. See the ” How can I help ” section.