Cisco no longer offers customer service for these modems, relying instead on internet service providers who still lease these devices to their customers. I have a modem from Cox, and my computer is getting internet off the USB cable but not from the Ethernet adapter. Iam having a Scientific Atlanta cable modem supplied by Virgin Media. Craigslist sellers were not reducing the price to account for the risk lack of warranty, no returns, etc. Dlc is a big bore.

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I reboot it every other month or when I feel like it or remember it. Zak May 3,5: If I can save on buying another cable modem that would be great.

Dlc is a big bore. VarData supports organizations that provide wireline, wireless, hosted, and content services. The epc21000 of your DPC and EPC modem has four separate input and output ports, which are used to connect it to its power source and to your computer: Manual Revisions More information. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Too much heat can literally fry your modem’s sensitive circuits, impeding its ability to transmit the signal it receives to your computer or other electronic devices. Essentially, this is what I want to do. I have this dpc cable modem but i need to connect it to my pc by usb but the problem is i got win xp 64 and i cant find any driver for it on oficial webpage doenst seems to be some kind of driver nodem win 64 plz let me know if theres any option or any driver avaiblable.


First this is a simple good design modrm this modem but the quality of completly crap. Post as a guest Name. If the second and third lights stop blinking and remain frozen — either on or off — it’s a sign that your modem has locked up and dc/ attention.

Cisco DPC2100

I can get 2 networked PCs online but i cannot get my laptop or other devices linked wirelessly. Start display cisco dpc epc cale modem page:. I guess the penny-pinchers finally got control of Time Warner. Cisco no longer offers customer support for these models, but if you were issued one by your internet service provider, call that company for support. I love to know if anyone knows a backdoor to this cable modem.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. If necessary, relocate the modem to an area with good ventilation, away from other electronic equipment or a heating vent that could cause the unit to overheat again in the future.

My WebSTAR Cable Modem Is Locking Up |

cablle These bonded channels deliver downstream data rates in excess of Mbps and upstream data rates up to Mbps, up to eight times faster than conventional single-channel DOCSIS 2. Powerline Ethernet Bridge V1.

The second will be your modem.


PC to TV Converter. Unless stated otherwise, distribution amplifier or the unit. I have a Linksys WRT54G2 and i noticed another cicso posted problems with this router connecting the the internet via the modem.

Preface D-Link reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes in the content hereof without obligation to notify any person or organization of such revisions or changes.

SG :: Cisco DPC Cable Modem

The modem’s settings csco allow any config; all you can do is look at statuses eg. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, cosco acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. After making sure the power port is plugged in correctly, turn on your modem and test the other three ports to make sure any cables running from them are secure.

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Under normal operating circumstances, the first and fourth lights should be on, the second and third should blink and the fifth should be on, off or blinking, depending on whether the modem is connected to a PC or other device.