HI, can you help me? The recovery process erases everything from the drive. Takes ages to move a keyframe. I watched my cooler of the laptop, and indeed it was full with dust… AND!!!!! Remove the power plug and battery. Could be loose connection somewhere on the motherboard.

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The laptop was working fine before the aspige ran out. Add to watch list. Start in safe mode. No problem booting using the Ubuntu CD. Instead of moving the laptop, try applying some pressure on different parts of the top cover keyboard bezel, palm rest, etc… Will it freeze the laptop?

I disconnected the inner memory module and booted…nothing not even a beep. Can you see the new hard drive in the BIOS? What could be the problem. Oh man, thank you so much.

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Why did it work with the Dell XP but not teh original recovery disk? Is there any further instruction available that I can follow to reach the broken Nodem Power Jack or reach the motherboard? I think my hard drive is toast on my Acer Aspire I have an acer aspire and just looking to upgrade the memory on it. Do you think it is the end of this laptop?

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Take a aspjre look at the screen when it goes off. Before attempting to restore the drive using the default recovery image, I backed up my crucial data using a SATA enclosure to another machine.

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The laptop should start when a good working module is installed. Jumpering those points did not help. Can you do it yourself? If not, go to the step 2. The dust was black…. Next, using an external keyboard connected to the USB found that everything else works fine with the computer.

I replaced the HDD with the nodem model and buttoned everything back up, but it was still reporting gibberish.

Be the first to write a review. Thanks for such a quick response, I am going to turn my laptop off now and mess with the cables some more, I suppose and hopefully this will fix the problem.

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It is working fine. And number 2 is that when aspiree computer finally comes on it sometimes freezes and turns to a blank screen of what ever color I was looking at with vertical lines.


I have an aspire Both cables connect to the wireless card. Do you aspore if a cable for the sound is going near this pad? First Acer has dim screen.

Can you pl guide how do i go about doing this and also recovering the data from my current hard disk. I can find no loose connections and there is no loose junk inside I removed something that looked like a pair of super-sized cat claws made of plastic.

Is it possible to switch without a problem. I need to reset the BIOS password. Do you still experience the same problem random characters when the hard drive is removed?

I reinstalled both modules rebooted and it continued with the clicking sound.