Items included with the Aopen AK SiSoft Sandra Benchmarks: A noteworthy feature is the integrated network functionality Realtek B. The latest motherboards are equipped with at least two DIMM slots. Not Quite Mature Page It works not very fast but confidently, which is peculiar to all its inexpensive products.

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We ran four different Quake 3 tests to determine OpenGL performance.

The benchmark tests show that the board ends up in the lower range of the candidates. Also, this is only a sample product, which you can easily tell by the numerous instances of corrective soldering.

A view of the boot process of the Acorp 7KT In addition, the maximum limit of the chipset is at least 2 GB. There’s only one reason to buy this board: A unique feature with this board is the overclocking tool, which lets you increase the FSB clock via Windows.

Enabled default Enabled cache. The rather acopr selection of accessories included with the Jetway consists of IDE cables, a user manual and a driver CD. Those who buy this package also get an ATX bracket, a generous software bundle, a driver CD, two retention brackets to install in the PC case, a slot bracket for analog and digital optical audio interfaces and a USB front mount panel plus a tray for mounting, which offers four additional USB ports. An odd thing about this board is that even a GeForce 4 of the very same Chaintech brand cannot be installed on it.


Here, it becomes evident that Epox does not want to turn away from the awkward topic of overclocking. Still No USB 2. Lame mp3 Encoder 3.

VIA KT Put To The Test: 18 Motherboards Compared –

Overclocking freaks can increase the CPU core voltage to 1. The sparseness of features becomes particularly evident with the IDE interfaces, where its rivals usually offer four interfaces. More 7jt333 Offered Page The system monitoring is supported by the Winbond WHF chip. Visit the device manufacturer’s website to download the latest versions.

Test Setup And Details Page There is one difference from the Epox board, however: In terms of performance, this modest board lands just slightly behind the Asus A7V to claim fifth place on average. A total of eight USB ports are available. Furthermore, QDI is able to make do with few SMD components, while some of its competitors have to resort to corrective avorp.

Last Drivers  OCE TDS300 DRIVER

Acorp also follows this way: The “Life Bios” function is quite interesting 7mt333 updates are automatically made via Internet.

Acorp 7KT333 Manuals

Retail packaging of the Jetway VK. The IDE interface hampers a snug fit.

Fast And Stable Page Architecture GeForce 4 Compatibility: Oddly enough, the manufacturer equips the acopr clock chip with a heatsink. Each category includes no, one or more than one setup items. It checks everything such as sound card, graphic card, monitor, mouse, printer, etc. The 7ot333 Menu allows you to select from several setup function. Because of this, we introduced a test in which each motherboard is equipped to the hilt.

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