Add Comment Cancel reply. It was like I found the ideal swing and sweet spot at the same time. The shaft of this particular driver is slightly heavier than most, obviously making it a little heavier but also a bit sturdier in you hands. I have a high ball flight and really load the shaft up so needed a lwoer trajectory club, and the E with this shaft is perfect for me. I just bought one, D1. I took my

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Driver Fairway Wood Hybrid. The D2 is more circular than pear, and the D1 ittleist of course triangular. Traded my Ping Rapture Share this with your golf buddies: You see, Bobby Jones himself hit the inaugural tee shot right from right where I was standing almost 70 years ago and it is forever etched into a granite block located in the back corner of the 1st tee box at Sharon Woods Golf Course.

This provides added stability and strength, two things that all golfers recognize as necessities. No one should buy a driver without hitting it first and, ideally, being fit for the club. I am a 10 handicap and played for the past 1. Clubs these days are expensive and I dont want to buy the wrong one. Most mid hadicapper or higher grab a deal off the rack or buy something off ebay without knowing what shaft to look for. The buzz word with drivers this year is, as mentioned earlier, MOI.


Here are the stats using the D Brand New The titlrist club is in brand new condition and has never been used on a golf course.

Titleist D1 Review

Learn how your comment data is processed. Shots from the center of the clubface rocket off the face with a crisp, powerful crack and gain altitude quickly.

The Zcom Six shaft Stiff is awsome! Both the D1 and D2 offer incredible distance with fine-tuned amounts of forgiveness and workability.

Needless to say my shots scattered left and right, trajectory was dependent on how open the club face was;thus,I had NO consistency. The weather broke in January for a day and I took my new driver out for a spin.

I have a 9. It flights low when I try to draw the ball but quite high when I fade it. So powerful, so damn stright, and still you can work it both ways!

Im stuck between these two and i know d1 forgiveness and d2 forgiveness titleidt workability but my question is, is the d1 that more forgiving than the d2 or is it a big difference of forgiveness between the two?

Titleist has gained a reputation as being one of the most traditional companies in golf, but they have apparently taken a different approach with their latest driver.

On both the D1 and the D2, the thickness of the beta titanium face is tapered from a thinner top to a thicker bottom, leading to more optimal launch conditions across the face — high launch, low spin.

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I also think that the many shaft options Titleist offers is a huge advantage. I believe these are a great set of clubs and look forward to playing many rounds of golf in Portugal where we have just bought a small villa for our retirement.

Titleist 907D1 Driver Review

But with the d1 it seemed like you thought it was just another driver out there but nothing impressive and bad sound. Freaking cast your doubts aside and try it.

If you cannot hit your SQ, do yourself a favour and try this driver. Don’t miss the latest news, exclusive offers and sweepstakes. Do some comparisons between the two.

Titleist D1 Degree Driver Graphite Regular Flex Very Good | eBay

I do not struggle slicing the ball but i have no idea if i want the d1 or d2! Thank you for your response erik, and so sudden. You don’t actually hear anything really loud with the D1, it has a nice, somewhat muted sound when smashing your drive off the tee.